Here’s a few videos of the Vistadome Train going into Aguas Calientes. Essentially, the Peruvians built a small village to accommodate tourists wanting to visit Machu Picchu, the old Incan Royal Citadel.

There are 3 types of trains you can take. The Vistadome Train is the mid-level transport sandwiched between backpacker type trains and ultra high-end trains. The entire train has a 180 degree window circumference so you can see through the sides, straight above you, and anything in between.

I highly suggest at least getting a return ticket back to Cusco on the Vistadome Train if you’re doing the Inca Trail. It comes with lunch, comfortable seats, and oddly, a fashion show that showcases their different alpaca fibers in sweaters and scarves.

After a multi-day hike up and down the Andean Mountains and climbing hundreds of steps in Machu Picchu, it’s definitely worth it. Here’s a link to PeruRail’s website that lets you choose your options of travel.

Unfortunately, this company and one other has the monopoly on travel to and from Machu Picchu so unless you’re willing to do the Inca Trail twice, it’s an unavoidable expense.

What you’ll see in the video shows the scenic views through the breathtaking Andean Mountains that the Quechua people (Incans) used to traverse on a daily basis by foot. The sheer size of the mountains coupled with the altitude makes it a monumental accomplishment in creating any type of civilization.

One of the main aspects I look for when traveling is the mountains so traveling to Cusco and getting to see the Andean Mountains was a dream come true for me. The one thing I did miss out on was climbing one of the surrounding mountains since I had complications with my ticket back home on the train. Maybe next time!