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I flew my mom to Alaska for a road trip to Homer, Alaska and Seldovia!

She had never been farther north than Juneau, so I wanted to show her interior Alaska. We eventually ended up in Homer, Alaska sleeping in a yurt! I wanted to show her a nice little village called Seldovia.

For three days, we wandered around Homer and the southwestern portion of the Kenai Peninsula. The views all over this peninsula were some of the best ocean scenes I have ever seen.

Waking up to blue skies and a clear day tends to be a rarity in this part of Alaska. My luck was fantastic and had three full days of stunning scenery.

Homer, Alaska is a gorgeous little town on the Kenai Peninsula.

Before we get to the tour, I would not be giving this town justice if I did not talk about it a little. I have had a few friends that lived in Homer, Alaska over the years and some of them cannot seem to stay away.

One of them is saving money to buy property on the outskirts of Homer as we speak. The restaurants in the town are tasty, and Homer boasts some of the best seafood in the world, particularly halibut.

If I had more time, kayaking the bay around this cute town would have been in my future. Alas, I will save that for another day.

The entire reason we were in Homer, Alaska was to take the nature tour through Rainbow Tours to a small fishing village.

Seldovia, Alaska is a picturesque village tucked into a small inlet.

During the second day, we woke up early from our yurt and parked our car at the long spit that Homer uses as their local pier. The sunrise that morning was well worth the early wake-up call and the weather forecast could not have been better.

Once we parked the car, we passed several rustic looking shops, restaurants, and tour store-fronts. I eventually spotted Rainbow Tours. Claiming our tickets at the counter was streamlined; the lady at the front desk was friendly and professional.

We were instructed to head to the tour boat moorings and load onto our boat. The weather progressively got better as the morning went on. The captain greeted my mother and me at the docks and loaded onto the ship.

As we jetted off in our small cruise ship, we passed adorable sea otters and many types of seabirds. My favorite bird in Alaska, the tufted puffin, was flying all around the top deck our boat. These little birds and the agilest, clumsiest-looking bird I have ever seen!

The route leaves from the Homer Spit, crosses the Kachemak Bay to the shorelines of Kachemak Bay State Park, and travels Southwest to Seldovia. The entire coastline of Kachemak Bay State Park was as picturesque Alaska that you can get. Eagles skirted the treetops and whales seemingly drifted through the water.

Getting dropped off at Seldovia for the afternoon was even better than the cruise.

Believe it or not, the town of Seldovia was even more charming than the cruise around Kachemak Bay. When Rainbow Tours drop you off at the harbor, you are instructed to meet back up with the boat in four hours. Plenty of time to explore this tiny fishing village.

There are small shops and cafes ringing the waterfront. If you walk south, you will find the remnants of the 1900’s fishing village equipment and houses that are still intact. Walking around these old buildings built straight into the cliffside was a great way to see how it was back in the 1900’s for fishermen and whalers in the area.

While we were in town, it happened to be low tide. I spotted some local kids down a cliff fishing on a salmon spawning river. Though my mother was adamant that she could not make it down to the river, I still made her climb down the steep trail. She seemed to enjoy seeing all the fish naturally spawning up the river and it was incredible to see thousands of salmon swimming together. I had not seen something like this since I worked in Southeast Alaska five years before.

The river that crosses through Seldovia has cut a steep ravine into the landscape. The builders from the 1900’s had to stilt their houses into the cliffs and down the steep ravine. Also, being underneath these structures made me appreciate modern technology more than ever.

Having ice cream and lunch on the harbor of Seldovia will always be a special experience for me.

After wandering the town for hours, we ended up in a local ice cream shop. Packing lunch was a much more cost-effective way of traveling through Alaska with the random splurges of sweets along the way. A packed lunch had never tasted so good! The picnic table was under mountains that seemingly jutted out of the ocean.

Once we were underway, we spotted several whales, prolonging our tour by an hour. What a nice way to end our wildlife tour in Homer.

The entire experience with Rainbow Tours was everything you can ask for!

If you are ever in Homer and want a cheaper alternative to the ridiculously priced wildlife and fishing tours dotted around the Homer Spit, do not hesitate to book a tour with this great company!

Seldovia Dock
Views from the Seldovia dock

To get to Homer, you need to fly into Anchorage.

Anchorage is the main airport for most people flying into Alaska for the first time. It’s by far the easiest airport to land in for exploring everything Alaska has to offer! Check out flight deals at the link below. If you keep an eye out, you can usually find a really good deal roundtrip from the lower 48! I don’t usually ever spend more than $400 roundtrip to Alaska and this website is one of my go-to travel sites for flight deals.

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My recommended tour.

If you prefer not to deal with all the logistics involved with planning a vacation from scratch, Intrepid Travels has a great itinerary that you can easily fit a Seldovia day tour into their selected tour. The link below gives you 6 days in Alaska with transportation and lodging included. It’s a good mix of camping on the Kenai Peninsula, reasonable hotel accomodations, and lots of free time to set up your time in each area how you want to. Check it out by the link below!

Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

Alaska's Kenai Peninsula