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I’ve recently become aware of how valuable a few pictures slapped into a real life, physical photo book is to many people in my life. I’ve personally made a few photography books to showcase some of my pictures but many people in my life have shown their love to others in an extremely thoughtful, beautifully constructed photo book of meaningful moments in their life.

My mother has given many photo books out for Christmas presents, birthday gifts, or other holiday surprises and I always thought how nice she was for putting something together like that. For instance, I helped her with a project a while back of scanning several pictures into digital format so she could create a memory book for my great grandma (or granny, as she’s known).

There are many different websites you can use for creating such a meaningful gift. I’ve used 3 separate sites on occasion but the absolute best is blurb.com. It’s a site that has templates for any occasion you can think of that a photo book could be made from.

One of the greatest things about the site is that you can sell a book you’ve created through their website or through a third-party, Amazon. I’ve made two travel-oriented photography books that I have on sale through their website with links on my website to purchase. Those can be found here.

Also, if you’re familiar with Adobe Lightroom, Blurb is partnered up with the Adobe team to put an entire section already programmed into Lightroom for making a book through Blurb. Here’s more information on that here, as they can explain some of the more detailed information better than I can. I feel that if one of the most dependable, respectable companies in the editing world is teamed up with Blurb, why should I be so picky as not to use them?

The Lightroom feature for Blurb is incredibly handy that actually gives you full control of the layout of your book, along with the structure and physical appearance of the pages and cover. It even has a very useful estimated calculator built in that gives you the price of the book you’re building so far. With different types of paper material and a choice between hardcover, hardcover with a dust jacket, or soft cover, Blurb has really looked at every single angle of a beautifully well-built book.

My favorite thing to do with their books is photography through travel, with many options built for this purpose here, but there are so many other applications. A few people I know make a new book every year from pictures of their baby. They have 3 so far that shows how their child has grown up in front of their eyes. It’s pretty amazing to look at, actually. Especially if you’re keen on just flipping through the pages so the kid grows up within seconds! Oh, and they have templates for that, too.

If you do make a book from Blurb, I’d love to hear about it! I tend to only review or suggest companies that I feel are high quality and have excellent service so I always get pretty excited when someone I know uses one of them.