I had the opportunity to go on a tour through the Ice Caves in Antarctica today. We took snowmobiles onto a road made on top of the ocean ice to reach the Erebus Glacier Tongue. Ice caves form when the ice shifts or melts, leaving caves that you can climb into.

My good friend Pegeen was the trip leader, which I felt incredibly fortunate for. We had a blast the entire time. I even wore a Go Pro on my helmet and climbing up the snow drifts to get into the ice caves.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post those videos soon but as you can probably guess, internet isn’t the fastest here. If not, I’ll do it when I have time somewhere else. Summer time internet at McMurdo Station is horrible. There’s only 2 hours in the middle of the night I can even think about posting any pictures.

Here’s a bunch of cool pictures from the trip. The pictures will show more than I can tell you. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

***A few updates on the station festivities! It was Thanksgiving over the weekend and I had an extra day off, which is nice. Coupled with my trip out to the ice caves, I’d say it was a successful weekend. Working out at the runway is hard but rewarding.

There’s a smaller crew out there that knows I try my best with the food I’m given and has been very appreciative. I’ve enjoyed getting to know different groups in the community since cooks at McMurdo aren’t really in the publics eye. Anyway, until next time!