Binocular man!
Peering over the glaciated valleys of Denali National Park

When you think of Alaska, you think of great expanses of wilderness.

You think of massive wild animals and remote locations that very few humans have wandered into. Alaska is slowly becoming a more and more populated state. Denali National Park will always be one of the exceptions to this.

Considered the crowning gem of what a National Park should be, Denali is easily one of the most well-maintained parks. The Denali National Park Rangers are well versed in most geological features. Also, the road leading into the park is incredibly restrictive with who can drive on it.

With the exception of a yearly park lottery for the park road, you can not drive a regular vehicle onto a majority of the 92-mile long road. Shuttle buses provide transportation for the bulk of tourists.

Unless you are one of the lucky few that do win a park lottery ticket, the shuttles will be your mode of transportation. Even if you are staying at the illustrious Camp Denali or at Kantishna Air for the night at the end of the road, you will still have to take a seven-hour bus ride.

If you are lucky, you will see some pretty amazing wildlife scenes in Denali like this one:

Kill Site!
Bear sleeping on kill

Or scenery like this one:

Mt. Denali Peak
Cloudy Mt. Denali

The seven-hour bus ride on your way into the park really does not feel like seven hours. It is full of some of the most easily viewed alpine landscapes on earth. Also, the guides that are employed to shuttle people back and forth on the 93-mile park road are incredibly knowledgeable. I did not even notice most of the ride.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit this incredibly stunning place, you should snatch it up. The wildlife will leave you speechless and the scenery will have you wishing that you could live here. I know I did.

Do you have any experience in Denali National Park? Comment below and tell everyone what your favorite part is!

Also, make sure you get travel insurance if you are planning on going into the backcountry. It is hard to imagine what kind of dangerous situations you can land yourself in. If you do need to get medically evacuated from the middle of the park, you will be covered!

I personally prefer World Nomads but it does not really matter who you go with. Get a good amount of coverage and keep yourself safe out there! Here is a link to some great information of why I think everyone should have travel insurance:

Do Not Be Stupid, Get Travel Insurance!

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