AirBnB viewAirBnB is an amazing tool that every traveler should keep in mind. The premise behind AirBnB is a community member that has an extra room that they could rent out to travels for payment through the AirBnB website.

You are essentially staying in another person’s home. This company, along with Uber, has completely revolutionized the way people travel.

I have stayed in dozens, if not upwards of 100 separate AirBnB’s all over the world. I know many people in the United States are off-put by the idea of staying in someone else’s home so here are some of my top 5 tips on what to expect and what to look for in a good AirBnB.

  1. Keep Reasonable Expectations

    Don’t expect to be waited on when you book an AirBnB. This is someone’s home and they have busy lives. In fact, AirBnB stands for Air Bed No Breakfast, though some people still give you breakfast.This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. It gives you more freedom than many hotel rooms do. You can bring your own food and 90% of all AirBnB hosts either provide you access to their kitchen or have a toaster, microwave, and mini-fridge in your room. This substantially decreases your food costs if you don’t mind eating yogurt and granola for breakfast.

  2. Do Your Research On The Area and Your Host

    Pull up the Map infographic through the AirBnB website. Find out exactly where you are willing to stay in any given area. This could help narrow down where you can afford to stay.Do you have a car? Consider staying 10-15 minutes outside of town. These AirBnBs are usually substantially cheaper and you can potentially get a lot more for your money if you do not mind staying outside of the city center.In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I got a massive three bedroom condo on the 20th floor overlooking the city that lead to me getting my favorite photo in Vietnam just outside of the city center for the same price as a one bedroom in the city center. I just took a 15 minute Uber ride into the city every day.

  3. Follow The AirBnB Host’s Rules

    Do not be the bad guest that ruins a host’s AirBnB experience. If you are sharing the apartment with the host, do not bring a person home with you from the bar. Being a bad guest can get you a bad rating. This is a sure-fire way of getting rejected from a dependable host. Do not leave the room a disaster when you leave and be considerate. You will have a much better experience.

  4. Use The Filter!

    Is having your own bathroom a big deal to you? Click on the filter tab and weed out any place that does not have private bathrooms. Is having a three bedrooms and a whole apartment to yourself? Filter that out, too.In Chiang Mai, Thailand, I got an entire condo to myself that included breakfast. It turned out being one of the best experiences I have had in an AirBnB. I would not have found it if I did not filter everything else out.

  5. Communication. It’s Important!

    When your stay is confirmed, shoot your host a message. When you plan on arriving and any questions you may have about their place. Some AirBnBs have very strict check-in policies. Some are more relaxed. If you have any issues, just let them know. Also, do not be afraid to talk to your host about the area you are staying in. I have made good friends from all over the world by just talking to my host. Another good way to make friends is to offer to cook for your host. There has been countless times that a good dinner has solidified a friendship through great conversation in an AirBnB.

All in all, just have fun. Your host is just a resident of that city or country just like you. Treat them with as much respect as you would expect from a friend staying with you.

Have you had a particularly good or bad experience with an AirBnB? Share them down below!